COVID-19 virus: As a result of the Covid-19 situation, Mackenzie Elvin Law has invoked its business continuity plan.

UPDATE: From Wednesday 8 September 2021 the Mackenzie Elvin offices will be open, in accordance with the Government’s Level 2 Protocols. Mackenzie Elvin staff, Lawyers and Administration will be operating from home and the office, and we expect there will be little to no disruption to anyone who wishes to contact us.

We will keep you updated with any change to this position and advise you accordingly. Mackenzie Elvin Law is committed to containing the spread of this virus, which will in turn hopefully ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff, our families, and our clients.

We will get through this together.



When you’re seeking legal advice, sometimes help can feel out of reach. Being ten floors up and only reserved for the biggest clients doesn’t help. That’s why our top lawyers sit at ground level, in a home office in Tauranga – ready to help.

After all, law isn’t above anyone, it’s for everyone.


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Mackenzie Elvin Law is represented by some fine lawyers. But you won’t find us in a high rise. Instead, we welcome you into our original family home, where we work side by side.

No egos, just people helping people.


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About our people

It all starts with people

Fiona is one of the leading family law specialists in New Zealand. A previous deputy chairperson of the Family Law Section of the New...
Marcus has practised law in Wellington, London and Tauranga for over thirty years. He specialises in advising business owners and...
Graeme has accumulated a wealth of experience over many years involvement in assisting clients with their legal and business needs. Graeme’...
Jason is a partner of Mackenzie Elvin Law. He leads the way in property, tax, construction and development law. He has been involved in...

It’s what we do

All expertise

Providing legal advice to the agribusiness sector and rural community with specialist experience backed by a passion for the land

Helping clients with property matters whether buying, selling, subdividing, building or leasing

Need help with compliance and governance? Governance, regulatory and compliance can be a complex business challenge.

Why us

Choosing a lawyer can be difficult. Here are three reasons to choose us:

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We ask the right questions

We ask the right questions so we can understand your situation and test possible solutions.

We suggest what’s best

We use our collective expertise to come up with the best course of action.

We think long term

We are experienced in knowing what will withstand the test of time.

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