Mediation & Litigation

Resolving disputes through mediation and litigation

Involved in a dispute or a potential dispute?

Whether your dispute is personal, business, or employment related, we can help. Our dispute resolution and litigation team expertly manage disputes, both through courtroom advocacy and litigation, and by way of negotiation and mediation. 

At Mackenzie Elvin Law, we have a wealth of experience acting for clients in the Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court, Family Court (including family protection, relationship property and trust matters) and specialist tribunals. 

We also have expertise in the area of employment disputes.  We recognise the importance of resolution of employment disputes in a timely and cost effective manner, whether acting for an employer or an employee and whether in the Employment Tribunal or the Employment Court.

As a firm, we endorse mediation as an effective dispute resolution model. Fiona Mackenzie is an experienced and respected mediator. Fiona is highly sought after for her skills in mediating disputes in a number of areas including family law, relationship property disputes and family protection and estate matters

“Sometimes disputes can’t be avoided — but they can be resolved. And there are many avenues for achieving that.”

We can help with:

  • Mediation
  • Facilitation of negotiated settlements
  • Litigation – civil (including family) and criminal

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