Providing legal advice and facilitation for family businesses considering succession and exit issues

Looking to hand your farm or business on to the next generation one day?

Attending to the legal issues around Wills and Trusts is not always enough. It’s important that family businesses, small and large, have succession plans in place — particularly farming families. If not, issues can arise around ownership, management and obligations which can have a serious impact on family relationships and business performance.

As seasoned experts in dealing with succession and exit issues, talk to us for assistance in these specialised areas. We know that each business and family situation is unique and requires a personalised approach.

We’re happy to have an initial meeting to discuss how you might approach these issues at no charge.

We can help with:

“No one wants to see a family torn apart over money. Careful succession planning helps avoid that, so that future generations can build on what’s gone before”  Marcus Wilkins, Partner

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