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“P” House Contamination is an Unwelcome Property Trend

Problematic “P” trends have broadened to include unsuspected contamination in homes, whether by a tenant or former owner. It is becoming increasingly common to have residential sale and purchase agreements subject to a “P” residue test, or for this to be part of general due diligence.  This has been particularly prevalent in the case of residential rental properties.

Baby Boomers with Trusts – What if You’re Incapacitated?

The baby boom generation is now without question hurtling towards old age. Not only is significant wealth tied up in this age group, but there are significant potential risks in accessing that wealth, especially if it is in Trusts and in cases where key parties (eg Trustees/Settlors/Appointors) suffer from diminished capacity.

Judicial Modernisation Means Many Contract References Need Updating from Sept 2017

The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017, passed on 2 March 2017, comes into force on 1 September 2017.  This new legislation is not intended to substantially alter the law.  Rather it is part of the government’s judicial modernisation process. The new Act repeals many of the statutes that are regularly quoted or cited in documents. The Acts being repealed are:

Pike River Decision a Thumbs-Up for the Rule of Law

The Supreme Court recently decided that the dismissal of charges against former Pike River Mine boss Peter Whittall was unlawful. We support the view of the judges that their decision reaffirms the rule of law. The court found that Worksafe entered into an unlawful bargain in 2013 when it agreed to a deal in which insurers for Whittall would pay the Pike victims $3.41 million if the prosecution was dropped. Pike River victims Sonya Rockhouse and Anna Osborne brought the case.

Building a Home

The issues you need to address when entering into a building contract ...  There have been instances in the past where a building contractor has commenced work, obtained a progress payment and then left the site to complete other works due either to pressure from other jobs or cash-flow.